Case study

Sustainable packaging: Simulation-optimized wood consumption for WEG's pallets and crates

Discover how WEG used simulation to design optimized packaging, making the entire process more sustainable, and resulting in an annual savings equivalent to over 2000 trees.

WEG, a leading manufacturer of electric motors, faced a significant challenge regarding the environmental impact of its wooden packaging solutions. By using Ansys solutions, such as Ansys Mechanical, the company was able to overcome challenges and improve the transportation and storage processes of electric motors.

In addition to cost reduction, the project demonstrated the pivotal role of engineering and computational simulation in the sustainability landscape of the industry, contributing to resource, energy, and emission savings.


The company needed to optimize packaging by reducing wood consumption in pallets used for transportation and storage of electric motors while ensuring sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


WEG devised comprehensive solutions aimed at optimizing wood consumption. The utilization of simulation tools enabled thorough validation of proposed changes, ensuring their efficacy in reducing wood consumption without compromising product integrity.


Significant reductions were achieved in the consumption of wood in the manufactured packaging. For the cases mentioned above, implementing the modifications resulted in an annual saving of over 2,000 trees, accompanied by substantial cost reductions totaling around USD 114,000.