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Access the most widely used computer simulation software in the world, with exclusive features to solve your engineering project challenges and count on our experience across the entire Ansys software range.

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Ansys STK

Develop and study aerial projects, space missions, precision agriculture, ship communication systems and more.

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Ansys Motor-CAD

Develop electrical machine designs with simulation across the entire torque and speed operating range. Evaluate various topologies and improve efficiency.

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Ansys Granta

Digitalize your company’s materials knowledge, choose the right materials for your projects and get educational resources.

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Ansys Fluent

Create advanced physics models and analyze fluid phenomena in a customizable and intuitive space with a user-friendly interface and response accuracy.

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Ansys CFX

Reduce development time with advanced physical modeling and accurate results. Industry-leading CFD for turbomachinery.

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Ansys HFSS

Simulate high-frequency electromagnetic phenomena accurately in electronic devices and systems, from microchips to antennas in cities and aircrafts.

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Ansys Mechanical

Solve complex structural engineering problems and make better and faster design decisions. Structural, thermal, acoustic, dynamic, transient, and nonlinear capabilities.

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Ansys Discovery

Refine and fine-tune designs in real-time, with results on the fly and Ansys quality in simulation response. Gather critical insights early in the design process.

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Ansys Rocky

Simulate particulate and bulk materials with high precision and reliability to improve processes, prevent equipment wear and failure, and eliminate waste.

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