ESSS O&G: simulation for critical challenges in energy, oil and gas

Get access to real-time alerts and diagnostics for every stage of your well's life through our computer simulation solutions.


Transform your productivity with more productive, cleaner and safer processes

We accelerate your decision-making through simulation and digital twins, promoting the digitalization of the energy, oil and gas industry. We are ready to offer customized tools, development from proprietary technology and support from a team of experts.

Anys simulation

Digital solutions for every stage of the life of reservoirs, wells and pipelines

Real-time monitoring


Monitor wells from drilling to operation, optimize NPT, and ensure structural integrity in real-time.

Pipeline leak detection


Detect leaks in single-phase transportation pipelines, issuing real-time alerts to the operator.

Flow assurance


Secure sustainable production and reduce risks of severe slugging, wax deposition, and hydrate formation.

Reservoir souring and geochemistry


Simulate phenomena in reservoirs such as microbiological H2S generation and geochemical interactions.

Custom Software Development


Get access to the development of solutions based on our technology or customized to your needs.


Cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions for the upstream segment

Reservoir Engineering

Understand complex phenomena within reservoirs, from routine petrophysical data characterization to predictions of reservoir acidulation by microbiological action and EOR, using technologies that help engineers, petrophysicists, and production chemists, from pore to reservoir scale.

Production and Flow Assurance

Learn about innovative solutions, from fluid characterization and system design to online monitoring, they help predict, prevent, and mitigate flow assurance problems such as slugging, wax deposition, and hydrate formation.

Drilling and Completion

Discover new ways to improve your drilling processes by applying physics-based simulation together with AI techniques. Our methods enable real-time data analysis and simulation to avoid drilling problems before they become critical.

We are ready to identify and solve your engineering challenges to optimize your assets

No matter the size of your company or your engineering needs, you can count on our highly qualified experts to point you in the right direction and help you successfully tackle your challenges, supported by the most advanced simulation tools on the market.

Contact us and find out how we can help your company make confident decisions, from design to execution.


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"We estimate that the PWDa tool created by ESSS has brought us a potential gain of $130 million over the past five years. In addition, it assists in better decision making."

Roni Abensur Gandelman

Coordinator of Real-Time Operation Centers