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The ESSS Institute Specialization courses train and update engineering professionals in simulation techniques and methodologies that help build and expand professional careers.

In more than 20 years offering specialization courses in engineering, Jump-Start, and in-house trainings, we have deepened our knowledge in theory and tools for performing computer simulations with different applications for commercial software. We have already trained more than 2000 experts in computer simulation techniques. These professionals have become highly valued specialists by their companies.



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Diogo Beloto

Vehicular maintenance sector

São Paulo - Brazil

“Excellent course. It provided a wide view without losing focus on the deepest details of the large areas of the simulation. Explained the past, present and future in FEA analysis. In addition the course teaches the use of software as a tool in various situations such as: static, dynamic, thermal, fatigue, materials, resistance and get reliable and fast results. An important detail was to explain how each solver behaves with each equation and each situation that the request requires.”


Heitor Nogarolli Cordeiro

Haarslev Industries A/S

“The postgraduate course in Structural Numerical Analysis surprised me positively for being able to cover a wide range of different types of structural analysis, as well as bringing together a team of professors with a lot of experience to share. I believe that the course has a good balance between method theory and software use. After about two years of studies, it becomes evident how much the course differentiates the professional in this area and why numerical analysis is something that still depends on the analytical capacity and rigor of the professional who pilots the software."


Rinaldo Puff

Fellow Researcher


“For our performance in the development of new compressors for domestic refrigeration, the postgraduate course offered by iESSS brought the possibility of updating several physical and mathematical concepts applied in simulation, besides bringing several knowledge and practices sensibly useful for the improvement, increase of speed and diversification of analysis. It was extremely productive!”


Gelder Guerreiro Costa

Naval Engineer

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Among the many skills acquired in the iESSS postgraduate program, we highlight the understanding of what happens inside the black box of a computer simulation tool and the critical sense needed for the analysis of results. Therefore, it is not a course that teaches the use of a specific tool, it is a course that trains simulation engineers with the ability to adapt to the various tools used in the market and academic environment.”

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