Particle Simulation (DEM)

Count on the best support in particle simulation applications to prevent equipment wear and loss and eliminate waste.


The power of the discrete element method applied to industry challenges

By using the discrete element method (DEM), it is possible to achieve high precision and reliability in predicting the behavior of individual particles and bulk materials with virtual prototypes.

Anys simulation

Real-scale simulation and realistic modeling of bulk materials

Simulate particulate and bulk materials with high precision

Improve processes such as homogenization, separation, granulation, and fluidization

Reduce obstructions by shooting, and prevent wear and failures

Study the flow of particles with different sizes and shapes

Optimize processes for material transportation and storage

Perform multi-physics analyses with seamless software coupling

Apply simulation realistically considering particle shape and size

Transfer chute

Optimize design by analyzing mass flow, prevent blockages and misalignments, and observe how shear forces and impacts affect the surface of the geometries and belts.

Vibrating screens

Eliminate operational problems such as corrosion and clogging, undesired accumulation, and uneven feed distribution. Analyze particle segregation due to equipment design and operating conditions.


Analyze particle breakage performance under operating conditions, study equipment life cycle, and test different materials for calibration.

Mills and crushers

Study load dynamics, flow characteristics, and discharge behavior to improve energy efficiency, yield, and mill lifespan.

Seed treaters'

Realistic particle representation allows precise soil and seed behavior modeling under various conditions.

Harvesting equipment

Simulate the behavior of specific crops such as hay, sugarcane, or wheat, and predict the performance of harvesting equipment.

Grain transport and storage

Evaluate storage problems related to particulate material flow, blockages, and failure, and prevent wear in the transportation equipment.


Analyze how particles enter a system in various scenarios and eliminate waste in processes in different industries.


Increase mixer equipment efficiency by enabling larger batch sizes, reduced operation times, and improved homogenization.

Ansys Particle Simulation Tools

Ansys Rocky

Simulate real-scale experiments, digitize 3D objects, and model realistic materials with the most complete particle simulation tool on the market.

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"Simulation has greatly contributed to our processes and customer confidence. We can analyze designs from original equipment manufacturers and simulate them using Ansys software like Rocky, identifying significant improvements. In some cases, we reduced the day of equipment shutdown by 80% annually."

Miguel Montiel

Business Manager

Fundición Ferrosa

"Through Ansys Rocky and Ansys optiSLang, we created a digital prototype of seed processing equipment, resulting in a significant acceleration of product design cycles. This represents a significant milestone towards designing reliable processing equipment on time."

Dr. Rakulan Sivanesapilla

Specialized Formulation Process Modeling

Bayer AG