Ansys Mechanical

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software for Structural Engineering

Ansys Mechanical is a best-in-class finite element solver with structural, thermal, acoustics, transient and nonlinear capabilities to improve your modeling.


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Ansys Mechanical enables you to solve complex structural engineering problems and make better, faster design decisions. With the finite element analysis (FEA) solvers available in the suite, you can customize and automate solutions for your structural mechanics problems and parameterize them to analyze multiple design scenarios. Ansys Mechanical is a dynamic software that has a complete range of analysis tools.

  • Easy to Use, Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Dynamic, Integrated Platform
  • Persistent, Dependable, Accurate Solver Technology
  • Powerful Nonlinear and Linear Solvers
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Software specs

Ansys Mechanical offers a dynamic environment with a complete range of analysis tools, from preparing geometry for analysis to connecting additional physics for even greater fidelity.

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CAD Connected

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Advanced Materials Modeling

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Coupled Field Technology

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Automated Meshing Adaptivity (NLAD)

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Explicit Analysis

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Fast Parallel Solvers

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Linear and Nonlinear Contact

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Crack and Fracture Modeling

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Structural Optimization

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Fatigue Life Analysis

New features

The intuitive and customizable user interface enables engineers of all levels to get answers fast and with confidence.

Geometry Based Re-Associativity

Efficiently modify a CAD model without losing the associativity of the model’s features after setup with the Scoping Wizard that detects and re-establishes scoping.

Resource Prediction

Gain insight into the computational resources required to solve a simulation using the AI/ML powered Resource Prediction feature, including expected solve time and memory usage.

Geometry Preserving Mesh Adaptivity

Improve simulation accuracy when solving complex models and parts with geometry preserving adaptivity that automatically refines a mesh for better resolution of stresses and strains on intricate features. Mesh adaptivity is done on the initial CAD geometry, eliminates the need for an over-refined initial mesh, and takes out the guesswork on mesh sizing for durability studies.

Topography Optimization

Optimization of frame and shell structures are performed using a new topography optimization method that improves the structural durability of the component while minimizing mass.

Contact Enhancements

Efficiently set up contacts for complex models between adhesives and metal sheet components common in Body in White (BIW) durability models with an improved and simplified setup method. This new method removes the need for duplicate contact setup and bookkeeping of top/bottom faces of sheet bodies, drastically reducing setup time.

Meshing Enhancements

Generate a higher-quality mesh that meets your criteria the first time. Improvements include tetrahedral meshes for drop test simulations and feature suppression, swept hexahedral meshes and meshes for welds and shells, and general usability.

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