Simulation for household appliances

We work together to speed up the development and production of your products while maintaining reliability and reducing time-to-market.


Deliver differentiated and sustainable products, faster and at a lower cost

We are ready to help your industry apply simulation to optimize the ideation, design, and manufacturing processes by evaluating alternatives and refining projects early on through virtual prototyping.

Anys simulation

Drastically decrease the time to prepare conceptual designs for analysis

Evaluate new design ideas faster

Improve product energy efficiency

Optimize mechanical and electromagnetic parameters

Predict operating scenarios, reduce failure and warranty costs

Simplify electromagnetic compatibility testing

Improve thermal management and design efficiency

Solve complex and diverse engineering challenges

Thermal analysis


Select thermal management strategies and optimize the design. Reduce energy losses and improve thermal exchange operation, achieving excellent energy efficiency in products such as ovens and stoves.

Structural analysis


Evaluate mechanical components, sealing, resonance at operating frequencies, and load support. Perform linear and nonlinear static, dynamic, transient, fatigue, vibration, natural frequency, impact, and acoustic structural analysis.

Fluid dynamics analysis


Perform complex tasks involving the design and validation of fluid-dynamic behavior, cooling, thermal comfort, lighting, intake/exhaust, combustion, and emission prediction.

Particulate matter


Accurately and cost-effectively simulate the flow behavior of particles and perform multiphysics analysis using coupled DEM-CFD and DEM-FEA models, with integration between the tools.

Electromagnetic analysis


Evaluate electric motors and operation control quickly using our simulation tools, analyzing different designs from an electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical point of view.

Electronic reliability


Ensure your product will perform as promised before it hits the market with our simulation-based workflows for electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability challenges.

"Simulation proved to be essential for our process. Rocky tool proved to be the only one with a flexible fiber model and coupling to CFD, allowing us to analyze our equipment with the exact number of particles and shapes."

Kon Leung

Simulation Engineer

BISSELL Homecare Inc.

"Sub-Zero uses many different physics tools, and simulation with Rocky fits like a glove in our portfolio. The combination of DEM and CFD provides real information to understand the behavior of a specific dust particle on a specific surface within a given geometry. Our task is to create a design around that reality, developing a heat exchanger that is resistant to dust accumulation."

Anderson Bortoletto

Lead Engineer

Advanced Products Group, Sub-Zero Group Inc.

We are ready to both understand and solve your engineering simulation challenges

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