Simulation for the materials and chemical process industry

We help your industry reduce costs, save energy, minimize environmental impacts, and meet regulatory standards using computer simulation.


Develop innovative processes and increase productivity through virtual prototypes

Virtual prototypes are more cost-effective and faster when compared to physical experimental tests and allow the analysis of a large number of variables, generating accurate results that meet international quality standards. Apply simulation at every step of the design process, from reducing product weight to improving product life and reducing warranty claims.

Anys simulation

Innovation and optimization of chemical processes, with safe operations, reduced energy use and emissions control

Save energy in glass and metal manufacturing and reduce operating costs

Develop more sustainable processes and materials and reduce environmental impact

Improve system reliability and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Optimize the use of raw materials, resulting in more efficient operations

Prevent failures and increase the durability of chemical process equipment

Meet all regulatory safety standard requirements with excellence

Cost-effective tools to ensure more safety and energy efficiency in your projects

Glass production


Model physical, chemical, and thermal processes that occur during glass production and formation. Optimize all steps and achieve significant improvements in process efficiency, product quality, and cost.

Metal manufacturing


Optimize processes to balance time, price, and quality to stand out in the marketplace. Simulation allows you to improve the effectiveness of equipment for greater utilization of raw materials with less waste.

Plastics and elastomers


Optimize blow molding and thermoforming processes through polymer molding and increase material reliability. Predict stresses and reduce the amount of material tied up in product manufacturing.

Chemicals and petrochemicals


Meet all safety demands and optimize processes to reduce energy consumption and emissions, achieving standards of excellence. Our simulation enables you to innovate by creating accurate, detailed, high-fidelity models.

Mixing equipment


Predict and improve mixing equipment performance such as tanks and mixers. Create automated models for various types of fluids. Evaluate important indicators such as mixing and residence time, and liquid levels under different operating conditions.

Bulk material handling


Solve problems of storing, handling, and transporting bulk materials. Design more effective handling systems. Avoid problems such as spillage, degradation, dust, segregation, contamination, and wear and tear.

More sustainable and safer processes


Create digital prototypes to optimize process efficiency, and minimize wear and tear and equipment downtime. Decrease the time needed for physical testing and the number of rejects, and achieve high-quality standards.

Reduction of rejects and waste


Optimize complex resource-intensive processes. Increase system efficiency by decreasing the waste produced. Eliminate waste in production to reduce costs sustainably using virtual prototyping.

We are ready to both understand and solve your engineering simulation challenges

No matter the size of your company or your engineering needs, you can count on our highly qualified experts to point you in the right direction and help you successfully meet your challenges, supported by the most advanced simulation tools on the market.

Ready to apply simulation and optimize your processes?


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