Simulation for the agricultural industry

Our computer simulation tools optimize processes from the design of planting equipment to harvesting to the final packaging of food and inputs. A technology to innovate and enhance all stages of production.


Accelerate agricultural production, with more safety and lower costs

Our computational technologies and advanced simulation tools revolutionize agriculture, helping move crops from fields to tables. Optimizing everything from the performance of equipment and machinery, without the need for costly and time-consuming manufacturing stages, to those such as mixing, preparing, and storing the final products.

Anys simulation

Design agricultural machinery and optimize equipment operation with a focus on efficiency and safety

Test your equipment and increase efficiency using particle simulation

Reduce the negative impact of variability in bulk flow characteristics

Avoid failures in harvesting, transporting and processing crops

Optimize processes such as mixing, preparation and storage of final products

Decrease physical testing costs and speed up development processes

Develop more sustainable processes and meet environmental standards

Cost-effective tools to ensure more safety and energy efficiency in your projects

Agricultural machinery


Avoid equipment failure and increase the mechanical strength of components. Replicate conveyor geometries to simulate belt patterns, preventing a load from slipping at steep angles. Predict the interaction of harvesters, silos, and tractors with grains.

Soil cultivation, fertilization and seed propagation


Simulate soil preparation with tests on the efficiency and robustness of seed and fertilizer spreaders. Get accurate modeling of soil and seed behavior under a wide range of environmental conditions.

Harvesting, transportation and crop processing


Study the behavior of specific crops, such as hay, sugarcane, and wheat, with flexible fiber particle modeling and obtain data on stem breakage. Design a more efficient silo flow pattern by analyzing screen segregation during the filling process.

Mixing, preparation and storage of food supplies


Use proprietary computer modeling techniques to analyze interactions between food components, from the design of the processing equipment to the packaging of the final product. Improve homogeneity, eliminating particle degradation and erosion.

Bulk material handling


Eliminate particle degradation and erosion, and accurately predict the dynamic behavior of bulk materials. Use polyhedral models to eliminate artificially irregular surfaces that can significantly affect particle dynamics, optimizing processes.

Drying and Heat exchange


Accurately model heat exchange, drying, and liquid film spray injection processes to evaluate coating homogeneity. Combine fluid dynamic analysis and DEM to investigate convective heat transfer between particles and fluid.

Safe and sustainable processes


Create digital prototypes to optimize process efficiency, minimize wear and tear and equipment downtime. Reduce the time required for physical testing and the amount of scrap, while meeting international quality standards.

Variability in the characteristics of particulate materials


Understand the behavior of different particles to increase efficiency and productivity. Bulk material simulation uses realistic particle shapes, taking into account collisions and fluid forces, reducing mixing time and segregation.

"We have to apply more energy, use more automation, more software, more simulation, as we have been doing, to accelerate time-to-market. This is a very big opportunity for companies like Stara to recalibrate product development quickly and take this opportunity to get ahead. The company that does not see this, without a doubt, is making a very serious mistake. This is our vision and we keep on investing, we have a very high innovation rate here. Virtual simulations help a lot and will need to help more and more."

Cristiano Paim Buss

Research and Development Director


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