Simulation for the mining and metal industry

Optimize equipment for high efficiency and low maintenance, increase asset availability and reliability, and reduce costs due to failures and inefficiencies.


Solve safety, automation, energy efficiency, environmental and cost management demands

Our simulation helps the mining and steel industries to reduce costs and sustainably increase productivity. Rely on our support to improve processes, predict behavior, and evaluate the performance of equipment virtually from the design phase to operating assets.

Anys simulation

Apply simulation throughout the mining and metal projects cycle

Predict the performance of running assets

Improve safety and energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact

Decrease unplanned maintenance, bearing, and welded region failures

Decrease transfer chutes obstructions and increase mill efficiency

Optimize fluid and particle transport

Achieve natural frequencies of equipment

Develop high efficiency and low maintenance cost equipment by applying simulation

Digital twins and IIoT


Analyze the future performance of equipment in operation through a virtual model of the equipment, identical to the physical model, helping to predict failures and scale the product life cycle.

Additive manufacturing


Develop custom parts without losing scalability by applying integrated simulation from design to manufacturing, eliminating the material waste inherent in trial-and-error approaches.

Energy efficiency


Improve energy use, meet regulatory requirements, and increase productivity in mills, chutes, vibrating screens, and other equipment, boosting the extraction and production process in mining.

Structural analysis


Analyze structures and equipment to determine stresses, strains, temperature distribution, nonlinear behavior, buckling, fatigue failure, crack propagation, natural frequencies and vibration modes.

Fluid Dynamics analysis


Study the mechanisms of processing and movement of ores and similar products to reduce the energy cost of your processes, reduce maintenance costs, and exercise control over the emission of particulates and waste.

Particulate matter


Accurately and cost-effectively simulate particulate matter flow and perform multiphysics analysis using coupled DEM-CFD and DEM-FEA models, with integration between the tools.

"Applying simulation in the production of our prototypes was the best solution found for a mining industry like ours, as physical testing can be expensive and time-consuming. Simulation shows the result more accurately and in less time, and the development of new models becomes even more reliable."

Iván Escobar

Head of Engineering


"Simulation has contributed greatly to our processes and customer confidence. We can analyze OEM part designs and simulate them with ESSS' tools, identifying significant improvements. In some cases, it was possible to reduce equipment shutdown days by 80% per year."

Miguel Montiel

Business Manager

Fundición Ferrosa

"Mining uses large equipment, and using ESSS' simulation tools allows us to reduce prototype development and physical testing that could cost millions. The accurate results obtained from simulation can advocate for necessary changes and upgrades with the assurance of a return on investment."

Ueld Nobrega

Master Engineer


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