Ansys Rocky

Particle dynamics simulation software

Ansys Rocky is the industry-leading discrete element method (DEM) software used for simulating the motion of granular and discontinuous material.


Quickly and accurately simulate particle flows

Rocky is designed to solve engineering problems. Rocky is uniquely capable to model real particle shapes including any solids, 2D shells, and rigid and flexible fibers. The simulations are fast and accurate. With multi-graphics processing unit (GPU) solver technology, you can simulate the behavior of different shaped and sized particles in many industrial applications.

  • Multi-GPU solver
  • Scalable, efficient, large particle counts
  • Realistic particle shapes including fibers
  • Wear modeling, particle breakage, cohesion
Anys simulation

Software specs

Accelerate your toughest particle simulations by using the most powerful DEM software in the market. Ansys Rocky contains industry leading features and capabilities to solve large, complex problems accurately and efficiently.

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Multi-GPU processing

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Accurate particle physics

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Automation and customization

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CFD coupling

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Surface wear

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3D Scan import

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Non-spherical particle shapes

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Advanced breakage modeling

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Multi body dynamics

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FEA coupling

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2D shells and fibers

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New features

New Ansys Rocky provides SPH-DEM workflow and usability enhancements along with improvements in the two-way coupling with Ansys Fluent

SPH Improved Workflow and Usability

Fully integrated Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) solver with a unified user interface creates a single SPH-DEM workflow environment

Extended Domain Flexibility

Extended simulation domain flexibility includes inlets and outlets for both particles and fluids, enables the set up of particle and fluid injections, accelerates geometry and problem set up, and accessible accounting of mass flows within the domain and boundaries

Enhanced Coupling with Ansys Fluent

Two-ways Rocky-Fluent coupling directly in Ansys Workbench with more accurate particle-wall heat transfer calculations for particle-laden flows

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