Structural simulation

We help you implement structural simulation to save costs, reduce the number of design cycles, and bring products to market faster.


Solve complex structural engineering problems and analyze multiple design scenarios

Our FEA structural analysis solutions bring reliability in predicting the behavior and performance of complex products through virtual prototypes. It's the predictive power of Ansys with the local support of ESSS simulation experts to support design decisions and lower your physical testing costs.

Anys simulation

Structural simulation using virtual prototypes, for engineers at all levels of experience

Predict component resistance, performance, and failure

Investigate the impact between components and perform thermal management

Simulate rigid body dynamics and product vibration response

Perform parametric, mesh morphing, and topology optimization

Optimize offshore structures with hydrodynamic analysis

Analyze composite materials in various types of fabrication

Apply simulation as early as the design cycle or to optimize products in operation


Simulate impact, shock and collisions, thermal and acoustic management, durability in gears and transmissions, brake squeal, mechanical strength, and more.


Assess structural integrity, heat transfer, fatigue resistance, vibration and buckling, and studies according to national and international technical standards.


Improve your fan, pump, and compressor designs by increasing efficiency, safety, and durability.

Electric Engines

Use our integrated simulation on a single platform to combine detailed electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical analysis of electric motors.

Electronic Reliability

Solve your biggest thermal, electrical, and mechanical reliability challenges, such as shock and vibration failures and electromagnetic interference.

Rotating machines

Improve your fan, pump, and compressor designs by increasing efficiency, safety, and durability in rotodynamic analysis.

Thermal Analysis

Solve the most complex thermal challenges to predict the effects of temperature fluctuations in your designs.

Ansys Structural Simulation Tools

Ansys Mechanical

Solve complex structural engineering problems and make better and faster design decisions. Structural, thermal, acoustic, dynamic, transient, and nonlinear capabilities.

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World's most widely used explicit simulation tool. Perform crash, impact and penetration, crush, collision, and driver safety tests.

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Ansys Discovery

Refine and fine-tune designs in real-time, with results on the fly and Ansys quality in simulation response. Gather critical insights early in the design process.

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Red Bull Racing Honda challenged for first place in the 2021 Formula 1 with the help of Ansys simulations

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"Thanks to the Ansys software, we can perform several iterations on a model to find the optimal geometry, considering several load cases. This gives us the possibility to evaluate our design concepts and even find improvements and innovate before starting production. At the same time, it allows us to work on our standard equipment and keep it up to date, according to the industry's needs."

Fernando Díaz

Head of Engineering


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