Electronics and electromagnetics simulation

Count on ESSS' support to apply simulation on your electronic products, reducing design and production costs and time to market.


Solve electromagnetic, thermal, electromechanical, and signal integrity reliability challenges with simulation

Our tools are capable of simulating the electromagnetic performance of components, circuits, and system designs even before prototyping, as well as evaluating temperature, vibration, and other critical mechanical effects.

Anys simulation

Minimize testing costs and dramatically reduce development time

Evaluate PCBs, integrated circuits, and encapsulation

Design and predict antenna placement

Minimize EMI and accurately evaluate EMC

Simulate electric motors with electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical analysis

Solve critical design challenges in power electronics

Design LIDARs, radars, and cameras for autonomous vehicles

Fast and accurate predictions about components, boards, and systems from the earliest stages

Signal and power integrity


Simulate signal and power integrity to solve electrical and thermal problems affecting PCBs: electromagnetic interference (EMI), crosstalk, power integrity, overheating, etc.

Radiofrequency and wireless devices


Design, simulate, and validate the behavior of complex, high-performance RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices in next-generation wireless communication and defense systems.

Electromagnetic interference and compatibility


Measure interference and meet EMC requirements early in the design cycle, virtually, avoiding repetitive iterations and costly recurring certification tests.

PCB thermal management


Select a thermal management strategy and refine the thermal design through parametric analysis. Predict thermal performance and evaluate stresses for reliability analysis, fully automated.

Electrical machine design


Perform complex tasks such as magnetic and thermal analysis in duty cycles and extraction of global machine efficiency maps in a matter of seconds, integrating motors, sensors, and actuators with electronic controls.

Electronic equipment reliability


Ensure your product will perform as promised before it hits the market with our simulation-based workflows for electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability challenges.

"On a turbomachinery project, we performed about 18 physical models and it took about eight months. We cut the development time in half using simulation without using physical prototypes."

Ricardo Naranjo

Director of Research and Development

Delta Delfini

"We were looking for solutions that could increase the quality of our electronic board development in terms of reliability, and that ended up inspiring the joint work we conducted with ESSS."

José Carlos Boareto

P&D Coordinator


We are ready to both understand and solve your engineering simulation challenges

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