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With more than 50 years of experience, Ansys is the world reference in computer simulation. Its tools are used by market leaders to transform the way they design, allowing engineers to explore and predict how products will perform in the real world.

Reduce prototyping costs and production time, improve quality, lower risks, accelerate innovation across industries to exceed limits: the predictive power of Ansys simulation is within your reach.

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Ansys Products

Ansys Discovery

Refine and fine-tune designs in real-time, with results on the fly and Ansys quality in simulation response. Gather critical insights early in the design process.

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Ansys Mechanical

Solve complex structural engineering problems and make better and faster design decisions. Structural, thermal, acoustic, dynamic, transient, and nonlinear capabilities.

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World's most widely used explicit simulation tool. Perform crash, impact and penetration, crush, collision, and driver safety tests.

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Ansys Fluent

Create advanced physics models and analyze fluid phenomena in a customizable and intuitive space with a user-friendly interface and response accuracy.

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Ansys CFX

Reduce development time with advanced physical modeling and accurate results. Industry-leading CFD for turbomachinery.

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Ansys Rocky

Simulate particulate and bulk materials with high precision and reliability to improve processes, prevent equipment wear and failure, and eliminate waste.

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Ansys HFSS

Simulate high-frequency electromagnetic phenomena accurately in electronic devices and systems, from microchips to antennas in cities and aircrafts.

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Ansys Maxwell

Gain reliability for low-frequency simulations in electric motors, generators, actuators, sensors, transformers, and various other electromagnetic devices.

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Rely on our expertise across the entire range of Ansys software

CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software used by market leaders

Highly qualified technical support: simulation and application experts

Over 27 years working with computer simulation

Training from iESSS, Latin America's largest simulation school

How can Ansys and ESSS help your company implement simulation

We are a technology partner specializing in computer-aided engineering.

We help you reduce unexpected downtime and provide greater lifecycle predictability in maintenance.

We help you gain more speed and assertiveness for day-to-day decision making.

We help you reduce project and production costs, and the time it takes for your product to reach the market.

We are ready to both understand and solve your engineering simulation challenges

Ask for a quote now: an ESSS (Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software) expert will contact you to point you in the right direction and help you successfully tackle your challenges in structures, fluid flow, heat exchange, optics, electromagnetism, and more to achieve a greater competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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