Electromagnetic simulation

Our tools help you reduce expenses in development and shorten the time to market your electrical and electronic products.


Create electronic and electrical products faster and with maximum resource savings

Count on ESSS's support to develop innovative products through engineering simulation, minimizing test costs, ensuring compliance and reliability, and drastically reducing development time. From micro to macro scale, optimize designs in areas such as chips, drives and electric motors, transformers, electromechanical actuators, sensors, electrification, electromobility, antennas, and communication networks.

Anys simulation

Solve the most critical aspects of your product designs through simulation

Analyze electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC)

Investigate signal and power integrity (SI/PI)

Design, simulate, and validate RF, microwave, and wireless components

Explore electronic reliability with fewer prototypes

Simulate interactions in electrical machine components

Calculate low-frequency electromagnetic design parameters

Reduce the design cycle, ensuring product validation, cost-effective, operable, and certification-ready products


Perform electromagnetic simulations of the design and its interaction with the entire system, evaluating positioning, EMI/EMC interference, and much more.

Wireless systems

Model and analyze IoT and 5G devices, predicting reliability, signal and power integrity, and even interactions with the human body in wearables.

Chips, packages, PCBs, chassis

Virtually assess aspects such as thermal management, signal and power integrity, EMI/EMC analysis, and power supply, understanding the entire system.

Electric motors

Reduce costs and optimize size, noise, efficiency, and durability by evaluating from conceptual design to electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical analysis.

Power Electronics

Simulate interactions between motors, sensors, and actuators with electronic controls, integrating magnetic, electrical, and thermal analyses.

Ansys electromagnetic simulation tools

Ansys HFSS

Accurately simulate high-frequency electromagnetic phenomena in electronic devices and systems, from microchips to antennas in cities and aircraft.

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Ansys Maxwell

Gain reliability for low-frequency simulations in electric motors, generators, actuators, sensors, transformers, and various other electromagnetic devices.

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"We were looking for solutions that could increase the quality of our electronic board development in terms of reliability, and that ended up inspiring the joint work we conducted with ESSS."

José Carlos Boareto

P&D Coordinator


"On a turbomachinery project, we performed about 18 physical models and it took about eight months. We cut the development time in half using simulation without using physical prototypes."

Ricardo Naranio

Director of Research and Development

Delta Delfini

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