Simulation for industrial equipment

Join the industry 4.0 revolution with the support of ESSS. Use computer simulation as a tool to solve reliability problems and develop safer products in less time.


Design more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable machines with simulation and virtual prototyping

Our simulation for industrial equipment helps you deliver better performance, increase energy efficiency, safety, and durability. All at lower cost and faster time to market.

Anys simulation

Focus on energy efficiency, minimizing costs and improving existing projects

Optimize machines and equipment in operation

Predict the performance of industrial complexes

Reliably design industrial components

Reduce physical testing costs and prototyping time

Develop more energy-efficient products

Establish processes for continuous performance improvement

Cost-effective tools to ensure more safety and efficiency in your projects

Turbomachinery, turbine and compressor


Increase the efficiency of rotating machines. Use simulation tools to obtain stress results in static and dynamic analysis, Campbell diagram generation, and life assessment.

Electric motor development


Model electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical phenomena in engines to increase energy efficiency and component life, and decrease the noise level of equipment.

Heat exchanger modeling


Determine the performance of heat exchangers and the impact of thermal stresses. Models can include fluid-structure interaction, fatigue life prediction, multiphase flows, boiling, condensation, and evaporation.

Reliability analysis


Overcome malfunction problems and analyze the behavior of systems under various operating and configuration conditions. Ensure process reliability and reduce maintenance downtime costs.

Rejects control and environmental impact


Meet international environmental criteria for reducing environmental impact, by developing more sustainable processes, with more structured steps, energy and water savings, and waste control.

Cost reduction using virtual prototypes


Reduce the time needed for prototyping and make physical tests more accurate and reliable, based on computer simulation data. Predict failures and monitor them in real-time.

Safety and compliance


Create digital prototypes to test different product models, analyze different scenarios and challenges, to ensure greater safety and compliance with current safety and environmental regulations.

Elimination of bottlenecks in production to increase productivity


Use computer simulation solutions and tools to increase efficiency in product development and reduce costs and time to market.

"It may sound cliché, but innovation is essential for business, because it allows companies to remain competitive. And that doesn't just mean doing it at a low cost, it means having an adequate product, better than your competitor's, having a business model that fits each situation, responding quickly to changes in norms and situations. And all this is a continuous work of innovation in processes, products and businesses, where simulation can help."

Túlio Duarte


HarboR Informática Industrial

"Investment in technology such as simulation and development of new products cannot stop. Whoever stops will be left behind."

Luiz Eduardo Rezende

General Director

Prática Klimaquip

We are ready to understand and solve your engineering simulation challenges

No matter the size of your company or your engineering problem, you can count on our highly qualified experts to point you in the right direction and help you successfully meet your challenges, supported by the most advanced simulation tools on the market.

Ready to apply simulation and radically improve your equipment and processes?


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