ESSS Reporting Channel

This is an exclusive channel for complaints of acts/facts/events involving the ESSS Group, in Brazil or abroad, which you understand as irregular or non-compliant.

You can report anonymously or identify yourself. Confidentiality of your identity and impartiality are guaranteed. ESSS Group does not admit any kind of retaliation and/or discrimination against those who, with probity and good faith, have generated this kind of communication.

For exponentiality, we request that your complaint includes the following information:

  • Detailed description of the act/fact/event
  • Where and how it happened or is happening
  • Parties involved (persons, companies, entities, organizations, etc.)
  • Documents and other information that may be relevant

If you do not have all the information listed above, please report nevertheless. The ESSS Group understands that everyone has a responsibility to report possible cases of irregularity or non-conformity.

Once the communication has been made, the ESSS Group Compliance Committee will take steps to investigate the act/facts/events and, if non-conformity is found, take the appropriate measures.

The ESSS Group believes that, in this way, it is fulfilling its obligation to restrain harmful practices in our society.


Send Report

Fill-in the form below to send your complaint. If you wish to make an ANONYMOUS report, please do DO NOT FILL IN your name or email.