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Institutional Channel Partners

Engineering Simulation and Scientific Software (ESSS) is a Brazilian multinational company, created to unite the scientific production developed in universities and the application of this knowledge in industry. The company develops customized software, making the most advanced Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools available to the market. 

The ESSS technology operates in the areas of fluid dynamics, structural analysis, electromagnetism and multiphysics, and in the customization and development of software tailored to the needs of each client. ESSS also has a channel program with the objective to democratize the use of simulation, the ESSS/Ansys Channel Partner.

These solutions play a key role in the designs of the world’s most innovative companies. Using Ansys technology, companies from various industry sectors, such as oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, etc., are able to develop better and more efficient products. Below, you will learn more about the ESSS channel program.

ESSS/Ansys Channel Partner

The ESSS/Ansys Channel Partner is an ESSS computer simulation software reseller program, where partner companies can help boost new business by using Ansys simulation solutions. 

Through the partner ecosystem, the company or consultancy can offer its clients the most widely used simulation software in the world.

This partnership provides an opportunity for the reseller to close new deals by offering its customers market-leading structural, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, and multiphysics simulation solutions. 

To ensure negotiation success, ESSS offers full support throughout the partnership.  This allows the consultant or the partner company the possibility to increase their sales.

Learn more about the Ansys line

Ansys softwares are tools that serve all engineering fields, which can use computer simulation in the development of their products and processes. The company is a global leader in engineering simulation, which involves structural, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, and multiphysics analysis.

The tools also help the world’s most innovative companies improve their processes and deliver better products to their customers. Ansys solutions aid companies, universities and research centers around the world to reduce product development time, optimize processes and achieve greater return on investment.

Program Benefits

With the simulation software channel program, companies and consultants have more experience, access to customized training, local presence, and consulting services that enable customers to achieve the full potential of their simulation needs using Ansys solutions.

To work with a specialized solutions reseller, consultants receive comprehensive training on Ansys technology. Through training, professionals are able to meet certification and feature requirements. 

In addition, channel program partners can:

  • Offer customers Ansys products, a market leader;
  • Obtain excellent commissioning margins;
  • Count on the expertise of more than 25 years of ESSS’ performance in simulation;
  • Have the support of a team of global simulation experts when you need them;
  • Access the largest repository of simulation content in Spanish and Portuguese in the world;
  • Take numerical simulation training courses using Ansys software.

Companies that invest in computer simulation also gain substantially for their business. This is because simulation allows the company to identify flaws in its processes and apply improvements to optimize them.

In addition, it is possible to reduce costs, because simulation allows the prediction of several resource usage scenarios and the detection of which the most economical is and the least harmful to the environment, since computer simulation has the role of helping companies to meet the rules and regulations regarding environmental protection laws.

A word from the partners

“The partnership with ESSS has opened SAMT’s range of opportunities within the market. Today we are able to offer better solutions and even take simulation into current customers’ projects, bringing in a new vision to polish their products.”

Marco Tosati, Founder/Competitiveness and Business – SAMT Engenharia

How to become a reseller

Want to learn more about the channel program and find out how to offer the best simulation software solution to your customers? Fill out the form on the ESSS website and a specialist will contact you to guide you through the process of becoming an Ansys reseller. 

Computer Simulation Experts

ESSS brings together expertise in engineering and computer science to offer the various industries the most cutting-edge tools and solutions in numerical simulation, empowering engineers and designers to make informed decisions at every stage of a product or process's lifecycle (from design and material selection to construction, troubleshooting, and maintenance). ESSS is an Apex Channel Partner and the official representative of Ansys for Latin America, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.