ANSYS student software

Learn more about the licensing package that offers solutions in structural analysis and fluid dynamics.

General information

The ANSYS Student product is an introductory package for engineering students who wish to learn about the fundamentals of computer simulation as well as the state of the art simulation in ANSYS Workbench – preprocessing, postprocessing
and solvering of products. The ANSYS Student package is available free of charge for download and installation, the license is valid for 12 months and offers access to CFD modules, FEA and more – available on the ANSYS Workbench

The ANSYS Student software package provides access to ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS CFD, ANSYS Autodyn, ANSYS Workbench, ANSYS DesignModeler and ANSYS DesignXplorer. The student license has the same quality as the commercial solutions, but
has limitations in the generation of meshes. The structural analysis package can generate meshes with up to 32,000 nodes and fluid dynamics with up to 512,000 nodes.

Student software was developed for educational purposes only and should be used only for personal professional development, and may not be used for consulting, for-profit research or any other business activity.

Technical support

ESSS and ANSYS provide a variety of materials and tutorials that assist in the installation of the ANSYS Student product, which can be accessed on the Installation page. No technical support, other than that provided on the above mentioned pages, is provided to aid in downloading or installing the package.


The installation of the ANSYS Student software package requires Windows operating system (in versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10) of 64-bit Professional, Enterprise and Education editions.