Case study

New methodology to better understand fatigue life in complex components

Component fatigue analysis using computer simulation is demonstrated on EMAK's brushcutter, improving product development through field test correlation

Autori: Paolo Verziagi – EMAK; Valentina Peselli e Daniele Calsolaro – EnginSoft

An important cause of failure in machines with complex components is fatigue from vibration due to being subject to multiple forces that vary over time. While these machines undergo extensive testing both at the bench and in the field, engineers require a generalized methodology to accurately calculate fatigue when dealing with numerous known loads over a given cycle, in order to improve the estimation of the components’ fatigue life and effectively integrate that into the product development process.

This technical article details the application of a methodology developed using Ansys WorkBench simulation. The methodology is aimed at comprehensively assessing fatigue life in intricate machine components that endure multifaceted forces and dynamic vibrations. In the context of EMAK’s brushcutter, a prime example of such equipment, this technique offers a crucial advancement in product development.

Through meticulous validation and analysis, this method demonstrates a remarkable correlation with real-world field tests, successfully predicting critical failure points. The approach promises to revolutionize fatigue analysis, enabling more precise product design and development across diverse industrial applications.

Source: Newsletter EnginSoft Year 16 n°1