Case study

New solution for cost-effective electromagnetic analysis

Learn more about EnginSoft’s collaboration with F4E encompassing a solution for cost-effective electromagnetic FEM analyses for the ITER components

Author: Giovanni Falcitelli, EnginSoft

On March 25th, 2021, EnginSoft participated as an exhibitor in an important webinar hosted by Fusion for Energy (F4E), called: “Fusion technology applications in advanced simulation and modeling”. The event was part of a wider F4E initiative – The Technology Transfer Program – which aims to promote the transfer of fusion technologies to the European industry. The presentation covered many of the technical details of its acknowledged “Solution for cost-effective electromagnetic analysis”.

This article delves into EnginSoft’s solution on Electromagnetic Finite Element Method (FEM) Analyses, addressing the intricate challenges posed by Lorentz forces during plasma disruptions and coil system failures in large Tokamak designs. EnginSoft’s collaborative solution, a culmination of robust algorithms, user-friendly interfaces, adaptive mesh techniques, and streamlined result extraction methods, stands as a testament to its successful partnership with F4E. With over two decades of specialization in electromagnetic and electromechanical devices, EnginSoft’s contributions encompass heightened multiphysics analysis capabilities, enhanced tool usability, and streamlined simulation processes. This partnership exemplifies EnginSoft’s unwavering commitment to advancing technology transfer and collaborative innovation in the realm of SBES for Electronics.

Source: Newsletter EnginSoft Year 18 n°3