Specialization: Numerical Flow Analysis using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

100% on-line
360 hours
4 semesters
Computational fluid dynamics

From the physics of Fluid Mechanics to complex applications of computational fluid dynamics, understand the paths to perform a simulation using CFD having mastery of all the steps that include the numerical analysis of fluids in engineering applications. The CFD Post-Graduation trains a simulation technician capable of using CAE technology in a competent and reliable way in several areas of knowledge and trains a professional ready to act in the state of the art of computational simulation. The course is practical, based on the use of Ansys commercial software, with professors with great experience in industry and academia.

The focus of the course is the practical training of the professional, using the associated theory as a tool for understanding both phenomenologies and numerical and computational techniques. Thus, the student will understand the physics of the problems studied, being able to perform practical activities of simulation of complex and real systems of engineering.

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