Ansys STK

Digital mission engineering and systems analysis

Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) provides a dynamic physics-based multidomain modeling environment for a variety of industries, such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, agribusiness and more.


Model complex systems through reliable three-dimensional simulation

Select, build or import authentic land, sea, air and space systems models and combine them to represent existing or proposed systems of systems.

  • Multi-domain and time-dynamic modeling environment
  • Specialized air and space mission resources
  • Customizable reports and appealing visuals
  • Connect subsystems such as antennas and sensors
Anys simulation

Create and manage highly complex equipment such as satellites, aircraft and missiles

Develop and study aerial projects, space missions, precision agriculture, ship communication systems and more with a highly accurate, three-dimensional computer simulation tool.

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Air mission systems design

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Model virtual environments

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Space operations and missions

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Telecommunication networks

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Radar analysis

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Trajectory design

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Defense systems evaluation

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Electro-optical and infrared sensors

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Robust and open APIs

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Model-based engineering

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Interconnectivity in the precision agriculture

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Rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO)

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Orbital maneuver planning

Ansys Systems Tool Kit (STK) Solutions

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Create interactive scenarios covering multiple domains, simulate missions and analyze results with reports, graphs and 3D animations. Use the graphical interface or robust APIs to automate tasks, integrate with other applications and create customized tools.

STK Premium Air

Enable advanced aircraft and payload modeling to improve the understanding of aircraft performance, evaluate mission metrics and conduct feasibility and optimization studies for multidomain system designs.

STK Premium Space

STK Premium (Space) expands STK Pro with advanced space systems modeling, which includes high fidelity orbit and maneuver design for satellites and spacecraft, as well as analytical and optimization tools for parametric studies.

STK Enterprise

In addition to the advanced features of the Pro and Premium versions, STK Enterprise includes data management solutions and analysis tools for testing and behavioral modeling, as well as enterprise content management systems (SDF) for STK.

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