Digital Mission Engineering: simulating operating conditions of multidomain systems

Learn how a comprehensive grasp of your product's mission can guide and enhance the product development

Digital mission engineering (DME) leverages advanced digital tools and technologies to design, simulate, and optimize complex systems, such as military missions, space exploration, and other critical operations.

Join us in exploring key concepts in DME, accompanied by live demonstrations using Ansys simulation software. These demonstrations will enhance your understanding of these concepts and empower you to apply them in real-world scenarios.

During the workshop, we’ll delve into the use of computer-aided engineering and its role in enabling engineers to assess system performance, interoperability, and the feasibility of various mission components, such as equipment, personnel, and strategies.

Participate in this workshop to learn how to make informed decisions, streamline development, and ensure the success of missions by identifying potential challenges and refining plans before actual deployment, ultimately saving time and resources while enhancing mission effectiveness and safety.


  • Introduction to Digital Mission Engineering and Ansys STK
  • Live multidomain demos

What you will learn:

Discover the fundamental principles of placing the mission at the core of product development, and unlock the extensive capabilities presented by the world’s leading commercial software in the realm of Digital Mission Engineering. Dive deeper into the intricacies of system and subsystem modeling, while also mastering the art of constructing an operational and efficient network within a system of systems architecture.


Nicholas Otero Juliano

DME Business Development Specialist, ESSS

Nicholas, an Aerospace Engineering student at the Federal University of ABC in São Paulo, Brazil, specializes in aerodynamic studies and optimization. At ESSS, he serves as the primary business development specialist for Ansys’ Digital Mission Engineering (DME) products, particularly STK and ODTK. His role involves crafting tailored Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) solutions for global customers.